Send Alcohol and/or Tobacco

Alcohol and tobacco are considered ‘security items’ that require a certified courier.   If you’re looking to send a parcel containing alcohol or tobacco, be sure to select the alcohol checkbox when booking the delivery.

By selecting this checkbox, only certified couriers will be notified of your delivery. Failure to check this box will result in pick up cancellations and extra charges.

Important government regulations

Each state and territory has different compliance laws relating to alcohol deliveries. This relates to the sender, the receiver and the courier. Heavy fines apply for breaching rules. When booking alcohol/tobacco deliveries you need to be aware of the following:


You follow your state’s regulations around advertising and selling alcohol and tobacco online.

The recipient will be asked to show a valid photo ID to the courier if she/he looks younger than 25 years old.

The parcel cannot be left unattended and will be returned to the senders address, additional fees apply.

You must advise us when booking a courier that your parcel contains alcohol or tobacco.

Failed delivery

Please note that items will be returned to the pickup address if: 

  • The nominated recipient is not available 
  • The recipient refuses to show their ID
  • The recipient is under the age of 18
  • The recipient is intoxicated
  • There’s no one available to accept the delivery

If the return trip back to the pick up address is required, the sender might be charged an additional fee.

Packaging requirements for alcohol

Glass bottles are fragile and can get damaged easily. To ensure your package arrives in one piece, we suggest you:

  • Individually wrap bottles
  • Pad each item separately with bubble/foam wrap, tissue paper or newspaper
  • Double-box your parcel 


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