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February 1, 2022
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February 1, 2022 Anna Rozkocha

POV: it’s 5 pm on a Friday, and you’re getting ready to bring in the weekend with a couple of friends and a drink (or four). Liz is bringing that bottle of French wine that she bought on a recent holiday.

It’s all fun and games until silly Liz turns up at your doorstep already slightly tipsy but having forgotten the bottle at home. Two options now – drink something else or find a way to get that cool bottle over. But with everyone already tipsy, driving is obviously out of the question.

While most of us would settle with drinking something boring, we’re sure you don’t want to be just another one. So why not find someone to bring the booze to you?

My Personal Courier has got your back! Be it your first call or a round of refills, a bottle of tequila, or some packs of beer – let us bring it to you. We provide personalised service at your doorstep.

How to set up (it’s easy!)

*Be sure to advise us that your parcel contains alcohol delivery. 

Some things to remember

  • Alcohol is considered a ‘security item’ and requires a certified courier. Failure to select the alcohol checkbox when booking a delivery will result in pick-up cancellations and extra charges.
  • The recipient will be asked to show a valid photo ID to the courier if she/he looks younger than 25 years old.
  • We care about your safety and the law. Please ensure you’re following your state’s regulations around advertising, buying, or selling alcohol online at all times.

Packaging requirements for alcohol

To ensure your package arrives in one piece, we recommend that you:

  • Individually wrap your bottles
  • Separately pad each bottle with bubble/foam wrap, tissue paper, or newspaper
  • Double-box the parcel


Our services are neat, so give us a shot 😉  My Personal Courier has a network of thousands of couriers ready to pick up or deliver your alcohol for you ASAP, the same day, or the next day. And after all the partying, if Liz forgets her bag at your place – we’ll deliver that to her too! 



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