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January 3, 2022
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January 3, 2022 Anna Rozkocha

Who doesn’t love online marketplaces? Yes, that cute lampshade on Gumtree was waiting for you to buy it. And that antique vase on Facebook? We understand why that caught your eye! But sometimes, it isn’t easy to drive 10 kilometres to go pick up an item you carefully selected. You would rather have someone deliver it to your home by tomorrow. 

Or perhaps you need to deliver a product to your client, and they’ve told you that they need it by tomorrow, at the latest. And as usual, your local courier service has refused to take your rush order. Don’t fret, just yet!

Here at My Personal Courier, we understand the importance of timely delivery for small business owners. 

It’s super easy to book next-day delivery services from My Personal Courier’s website.

How to do it

  • Sign up on our website
  • Enter your package details (tell us if your package contains alcohol or tobacco)
  • Tell us when you want it delivered
  • Track your package from pick-up to delivery
  • Relax and watch as your product reaches your client without any hitches!

No long-term commitments

You don’t need to sign a contract with us to avail of our services. Your products will be delivered whenever you want, all for less than the price of an Uber. Because, unlike your local delivery service providers, we believe in zero hidden costs. You end up paying exactly what you see on the app.

My Personal Courier is available between 8 AM and 9 PM, seven days of the week and 363 days a year. So you can expect efficiency around the clock, every day!

So what are you waiting for? Make the switch to personalised, efficient, and seamless delivery services!



My Personal Courier, always ready to help you deliver.

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